Yamaha RX100 launched in Japan without informing India, 450cc engine became Superman

Yamaha RX100 One of the most loved bikes of the 1990s, the RX100 still walks the streets with pride. There have been talks for quite some time now that the RX100 is going to be re-launched, but in a different style. It is possible that its new model will be built on the sports body, and the features will also be strong.

According to information received from sources, a test model of the Yamaha RX100 has been launched in Japan, and soon it will be launched in India as well. But before that, the company will launch its four new MT series sports bikes in India. An official announcement was made for this a long time ago. As far as the features available in the Yamaha RX100 are concerned, the company can use the rest of the bikes in it.

According to what has been revealed so far regarding the features and specifications available in the Yamaha RX100, a 450 cc engine can be found in it. It could have the potential to deliver massive power and great torque. As advanced features, a digital instrument console is to be given; it is going to have features like a digital speedometer, bluetooth connectivity, a digital tripmeter, a digital clock, a fuel gauge, navigation, real-time location, and a low fuel indicator.

Being a sports bike, safety is also going to be taken care of on the Yamaha RX100. For safety, dual-channel ABS with disc brakes will be provided in both tyres of the bike, with the help of which the bike can be easily controlled. Due to tubeless tyres, the bike is not going to leave you even on rough roads; it can be driven for 80 to 100 km after getting punctured. There is no information available about the price yet; it can be launched up to Rs 3 lakh.

With the arrival of the Yamaha RX100, companies like Royal Enfield, Kawasaki, KTM, and Yezdi can be challenged in India, although only after the launch can it be estimated who is better.

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