When it comes to salary and income, everyone in the sports media denies revealing their real salary. Recently, Stephen A. Smith, who is associated with ESPN, gave a shocking statement about the salary difference between him and Pat McAfee, which left everyone in a frenzy to search for Pat McAfee and Stephen A. Smith’s actual salaries. Stephen A. Smith also remarked on his salary being claimed on social media. It was stated that Stephen Smith makes $8 million a year from ESPN, but he cited that the figure is not accurate or correct. What are the salaries of Pat McAfee and Stephen A. Smith? This question has been swiveling in people’s minds ever since Stephen opened up about the salary difference. You should stick with this page until you read it completely. Kindly drag down the page and read more details.What Is Pat McAfee Salary? American sports analyst net worth explored

What is Pat McAfee’s salary?

The New York Post’s Andrew Marchand reported last week that SI Media Podcast guest Pat McAfee will earn $17 million in a year when he joins ESPN this fall. Stephen A. Smith’s figures were reported to be $8 million. This made Stephen A. Smith feel compelled to open up about the salary difference between him and Pat McAfee. He said this figure is incorrect. Shift to the next section and read for more details.What Is Pat McAfee Salary? American sports analyst net worth explored

While the First Take host added that whatever the numbers are, it is apparent that Pat McAfee will be making more than Stephen A. Smith. Stephen A. Smith said, It’s no secret that even though you don’t know the numbers that I make, even though I’m sure a lot of you think you know, it’s clearly more than I’m making. Two things. Number 1: I don’t give a damn. He negotiated his deal a few weeks ago. I negotiated my deal a few years ago. The situation is not the same. I’m a big boy. I’ve been to hell and back. This does not faze me at all. Pat McAfee deserves it.”

Smith kept on adding that he admires and respects what he has done so much that he is doing it. “It’s people like Pat McAfee I get to thank for that.” It seems that Smith may negotiate next time when he signs the contract for his salary to get a hike. On Sunday night, the Heat clinched a surprising win, which will make the NBA Finals more interesting. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.


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