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SetNaukri.com” and “SetNaukri.in” is a Job portal/ general informative website intending to provide job/ career information to youth/ Job seekers. We collect information from various websites/ company portals or direct from company/ employer. Neither we have complete control of the general job information provided here nor the completeness, reliability, and accuracy of this information provided in our portal. All the articles and blogs on our website are just informative general guide. We are not responsible in case if there would be any modification from the official source, company, employer and the author receives no liabilities for such claims. The website owners shall not be liable in any event of incidental or consequential loss, damages on the use of information provided.

Even though we are taking care of all legal care and precautions while posting the content there may some possibility to miss some points. If you are finding any copyright infringements, please feel free to drop a mail on “[email protected]” or “[email protected]“.

SetNaukri has all the rights to change, modify all the agreement policy if necessary at any instance of time for the best of SetNaukri or SASP Solution and such modifications shall be effective immediately. So, we are requesting you to read them all T&C, policy-related documents carefully before using “Https://www.Setnaukri.com” or “Https://www.Setnaukri.in“. By accessing SetNaukri, you are agreeing to all the terms & conditions, policy mentioned in this and other policy documents on SetNaukri.

Job Seeker and Employer

We are liable to paid or premium services provided from “SetNaukri“. We will provide all the support as per the eligibility criteria for the services opted by the Job seekers. The information submitted by a user can be used by “SetNaukri” for better user experience and career support. We are not liable, if in case of any kind of loss or damage.

We don’t have any control over the data, the user is providing on payment gateway while performing the payment activity. All the activity performed by the user on the payment gateway is controlled by the third party, acting as a media for us to handle the payment activity.

General Use Rules.

Some of the general tags, terms, rules used on this website are as follows:

  • “Document” refers to any posting to our Site, whether job or resume.
  • “User” refers to any individual or entity that uses any aspect of the Sites.
  • “Services” means any services provided by SetNaukri or its agents.
  • “You” or “you” means the person who (or the entity on behalf of whom you are acting) that is agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.
  • We” refers to “SetNaukri.com” or “SetNaukri.in”.
  • SASP Solution” is parent of SetNaukri.
  • Disclaimer” is general rues and policy for this website.
  • Paid Services” is services offered by SetNaukri, for which users need to pay some amount/ cost.

Copyright and Licenses

SetNaukri” India (Powered by SASP Solution) is the sole owner of all the copyright, trademarks for “SetNaukri.com” and “SetNaukri.in” and protected under international copyright and trademark laws. You may not modify, copy, transmit, post use the content from our services and website commercially in any manner.

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