Simple One electric scooter with 200km range under threat, OLA will challengeSimple One electric scooter with 200km range under threat, OLA will challenge


In view of the increasing possibilities in the electric scooter market, new companies are entering one after the other and more importantly, they are also getting a lot of love from the customers. Just look at Simple One which was launched recently, people are booking it fiercely. Due to its features, this scooter, which has become a topic of discussion among all, also looks quite different in terms of design. If you too are thinking of buying Simple One electric scooter, then you can visit the nearest showroom or the official website of the company. As far as its features are concerned, now we are going to tell you the same.

Launched at an initial price of Rs 1.45 lakh, this scooter can be bought for an on-road price of Rs 1.50 lakh. Its biggest strength is the 8500W PMSM motor, which has been given an IP67 rating. IP67 rating means Simple One electric scooter can be easily driven in any weather.

The single 4.5 kW battery has the capacity to deliver a range of up to 200 km on a single charge. According to the claim, it takes around an hour to charge, which is probably being considered the best so far. In terms of safety, disc brake facility is being provided in both the tires of the scooter, due to which it will be very easy to control.

Combi Braking System, Charging Point, Fast Charging, Boot Light, Digital Speedometer, Digital Clock, Digital Odometer, LED Taillight, Keyless Ignition, Mobile Connectivity, Call/SMS Alert, Navigation, OTA, GEO Fencing, Single Seat, Passenger Footrest, 30 Features like liters of underseat storage and Service Due Indicator are going to boost the performance of the Simple One electric scooter. With this, your journey can be made easy and accessible.

If you look at the dimensions of Simple One, it is 785 mm wide, 1900 mm long and 1163 mm high. Apart from this, 1335 mm wheel base and 164.5 mm ground clearance are also available. Riders of mid height can also drive it very comfortably. Features like LED headlight, LED taillight, turn signal lamp, low battery indicator also add to the performance along with the design.

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