Seeing the beauty of Tata Nano ev, the boys' heads were stunned, the 300 km range started

You must have heard the name Tata Nano; this car was one of the cheapest vehicles of its time, and even today it is seen somewhere. The features and specifications were correct, but due to falling demand over time, the company had stopped manufacturing. In a recently released report, it has been revealed that the Tata Nano is going to make a comeback once again, and that too in an electric avatar.

According to the report, Tata Motors is planning to launch the Nano EV while expanding its range of electric vehicles. With its arrival, the company’s hold in the electric car market will become even stronger. Tata Motors continues to be the number one company with 70 percent market share, and it is expected to increase with the Nano EV.

The features found in Nano EV are going to be very special and spectacular. It will get power windows, a power boot, power steering, an air conditioner, a heater, automatic climate control, air quality control, adjustable seats, adjustable steering, and power door locks. In terms of safety, Nano EV is going to be better than the rest of the company’s vehicles; for this, the car has an anti-lock braking system, passenger airbag, side curtain airbag, driver airbag, parking sensor, rear parking camera, cruise control, and a rear seat belt. Will go

According to what has come to light regarding the range of the Nano EV, which runs on electric power, it can cover a distance of up to 300 kilometres once the car is charged. At the same time, it is going to take at least 6 hours to charge, although with fast charging, the car can be fully charged in one to one and a half hours.

As advanced features, it will get a digital display, driver display, auto headlamp, full-length taillight, defogger, rain-sensing wiper, power boot, and trunk light. Looking at the design of the Nano EV and the features available in it, experts are saying that it can be launched for less than Rs 10 lakh.


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