Jogira Sara Ra Ra Review
Jogira Sara Ra Ra Review

Jogira Sara Ra Ra Review: Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Neha Sharma’s film Jogira Sara Ra Ra has been released in theaters today. If you are planning to go to see the film, then first read its review.

Jogira Sara Ra Ra Review: Nawaz is an amazing actor..what he does is enjoyable. Thinking this, you watch every film of his. I saw this too with the same thought, but this time Nawaz has done his work somewhere but the direction of this film seems to be Jugadu. The story was not presented properly..somewhere there will be laughter but it will come.


This is the story of Jogi i.e. Nawazuddin Siddique who is a number one juggler and his job is to conduct marriages. Jogi has to get Neha Sharma i.e. Dimple Chaubey married, but then he tries to cancel the marriage only on Dimple’s request. What happens next? This is the only story and you have already seen it in the trailer.


Nawaz tries to make us laugh. He tries his best.. He also makes us laugh but not so much that you will buy a ticket and go to see him. There is laughter in the middle of the film. Now it is a different matter that at that time you should not have gone out after getting bored. Nawaz has tried to do justice to the character, but we have seen Nawaz in much better characters than this, so it seems that the director has wasted him. Neha Sharma looks good. His character is also fine. Acting is also fine but there was not much scope in the story, so he did whatever he could. Sanjay Mishra’s acting is good. Mimoh Chakraborty’s work is excellent.


The direction of Kushan Nandi is quite average. It seems as if he has directed from Jugaad only. They can’t tie the story at all. And this story bores a lot. They should have found a better way to present the film.

how is the movie

As soon as it starts, you start to know what will happen next. Nothing happens to surprise you. It seems that we have already seen the entire story in the trailer. Laughter comes in between, so it seems that it would have been better to watch YouTube videos. What was the need to waste time here.

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