Due to these reasons No. 1 SUV is Hyundai creta, sometimes from showroom to home…


Who does not know India’s number one SUV car, the Hyundai Creta? This car has been bringing new changes according to time, and this is the reason that there has been no decrease in its popularity even after years of launch. If you are also thinking of buying an SUV with great features, then you can test the Creta once. Its price is also low, and the specifications look better than the rest. Recently, the electric variant of this car was also spotted during testing, but till now, officially, no information about the features has been revealed. But we have information about the features of the current model (ICE), and now we are going to tell you the same. Let’s start our journey, in which we will talk about the Hyundai Creta.

Hyundai Creta’s 1.5 L U2 CRDi Diesel engine is powered by a 1493 cc engine that generates 250 Nm of torque and 113.45 bhp of power. Running on 4 cylinders and the same DOHC configuration valves, this engine is paired with an automatic transmission. This transmission comes with the support of a 6-speed gearbox.

This 5-seater car with an SUV body gets a fuel tank of 50 liters, and on filling it, a distance of up to 900 kilometers can be covered. If you understand the figures, then this car claims to give 18 kmpl, which can be considered better according to the features and engine. If you are thinking of going on a long drive, then you can take the Creta; this car can run very comfortably in any weather.

The dimensions of the car, with a length of 4300mm, a width of 1790mm, and a height of 1635mm, make the comfort great. There is enough space to travel in it. Adjustable steering, automatic climate control, and air quality control are offered as advanced features that are obviously going to increase comfort during the journey.

Coming in at an initial ex-showroom price of Rs 10.87 lakh, it can cost Rs 19.20 lakh to buy the top model of this car. To know the exact price of this car in your city, you can contact the nearest showroom. The dealer will also give you information about financing and offers.

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