Azam is a Hindi-language crime thriller starring Jimmy Shergill which was released in cinemas on 26 May 2023. The film is earning accolades for its gripping storyline and power-packed performances. Jimmy Shergill has played his character well in the film. Here we have covered everything you need to know about Azam’s third day box office collection.Aazam Box Office Collection Day 3

azam box office collection day 3

Azam is expected to earn around Rs 30 lakh at the box office on its third day in India. The film has had a limited promotion and will have to rely on critical reviews and positive buzz to find success at the box office in the coming days. The box office collection of Rs 30 lakh on the third day is a good start for Azam.

The backdrop of the Bollywood film Azam is the criminal underworld of Mumbai. Another central theme in the story is the conflict over Nawab Khan’s succession to the position of mafia lord. However, due to blood cancer, he has only 10 to 15 days left to live. Furthermore, Nawab Khan is the leader of the syndicate of five gangs that rule the city. Meanwhile, Kader, the Nawab’s son, is the rightful heir to the business.


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